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What type of drug possession charge are you facing?

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2018 | blog |

When faced with a difficult situation, you may not always immediately know where to turn. In some instances, you could have the ability to tackle the challenge on your own, but in other cases, you may need help. If you face a predicament in which police have accused you of a crime, you could feel that professional legal assistance may prove useful.

Because criminal charges can be difficult to understand, having a professional on your side may help you feel more at ease. Additionally, gaining information for your own use could help you feel more in control of your situation. If police have charged you with drug possession, you may want to determine exactly what allegations have been made.

Types of drug possession

In general, two categories of drug possession exist. With the first category, law enforcement officers suspect that you had possession of a small quantity of drugs with the intention to use it yourself. This category is known as simple possession.

Possession with intent to distribute refers to the second category of drug possession. With this type of crime, police officers suspect that you had a significant amount of an illegal substance or a variety of substances that you intended to sell or otherwise distribute to other parties. This charge can lead to more serious consequences than simple possession if a conviction occurs.

Though not strictly a possession category, you could also face additional charges if officers believe you have drug paraphernalia in your possession. Those items could include bongs, syringes or pipes.

Proving drug possession

In some cases, a person may face allegations of drug possession without even knowing that the substance was there. Because of this possibility, authorities must prove two elements in order for a conviction for possession to come about. Those elements include:

  • You knew that the substance was a controlled or illegal drug.
  • You knew that the substance was in your possession or that you otherwise had control over it.

If these elements cannot be proven, you may have a greater chance of avoiding conviction.

Creating a defense

Another step that could help you as you face drug possession charges relates to creating a criminal defense. Information on your defense options may help you determine what courses of action may best suit your particular needs. Obtaining reliable facts from local Tennessee legal resources may prove wise.