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Memorial Day weekend safety: Get a ride home

On Behalf of | May 25, 2018 | Drunk Driving |

With multiple sobriety checkpoints planned, Memorial Day weekend is not the time to be drinking and driving. Heightened law enforcement efforts aim to reduce the overall number of dangerous drivers on the roads by stopping people as they pass through checkpoints. At least one has been reported, indicating that the Tennessee Highway Patrol will have a checkpoint after nightfall on May 25. Another unit from La Vergne plans to have field sobriety tests near International Boulevard on May 26.

Offers strongly suggest that people choose not to drink and drive during this weekend or any other. What can you do if you get caught out and don’t have a ride? There are a few options.

Call a taxi

Taxis run throughout the holiday weekend. Plan in advance for the best rates.

Use a ride-sharing service

For on-demand travel, a ride-sharing service could be the right answer for getting you home if you’re too intoxicated to drive. You can place the app on your phone ahead of time or book a ride before you head out while scheduling it for a certain time. Either way, you’ll know you have a safe ride home.

Bunk at a hotel

Finally, if you’re close to an event, get a room and walk. You’ll stay safer avoiding traffic and keep away from the risk of a DUI.

These are a few tips to help avoid a drunk driving charge. It’s best to plan for events in advance, so you don’t end up trying to drive home when you’re impaired; you could cause an accident or get hurt.

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