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What are all these charges in my arrest report?

On Behalf of | Feb 18, 2020 | blog |

Criminal charges can be frightening, especially if you do not know where to turn. To make matters worse, arresting officers often cite arrestees for many different crimes at once. Please do not let this common practice intimidate you into taking an action you might regret later. 

Please consider this as a brief introduction to the subject of getting charged with a crime in Tennessee. Keep in mind that, to secure your best possible future, you should probably make sure that you have information relevant to your specific case before taking any action. 

As explained on FindLaw, there are many categories of criminal accusations. Your first concern would be understanding all of the charges you face. It is relatively common to have several charges in a single arrest. For example, if police stopped you while driving and allegedly found a controlled substance in your car during a search, you might stand accused of traffic, drug possession and DUI offenses. 

Depending on the evidence in your case, your initial arrest report might have some confusing terminology. Understanding each of the terms, predicting the possible consequences of any charges and knowing the details of your arrest are all typically essential if you want to form the most effective criminal defense possible. You may also need to manage deadlines in what could be multiple court processes. 

Once you understand your position in the greater context of the law, then it could be a good idea to start talking to representatives of the state. Unfortunately, it is possible that you could damage your case if you made any statements or asked any questions before you understood everything as thoroughly as possible. The probable fragility of your position is one of the primary reasons you have your right to remain silent. 

The criminal justice process comes from standardized rules, but your experience will very likely be different from anyone else’s. Make sure that you give your case the unique attention it deserves.