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A few ways to tell if you are drunk before driving

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2020 | Drunk Driving |

The limit for legal driving in Tennessee stands at .08% blood alcohol content. This limit falls to just .04% for drivers of commercial vehicles.

While you might have a fairly good idea of what these levels mean, is there a more precise way to measure your level of influence from alcohol before turning the ignition?

A number of factors determine blood alcohol content

An explanation on WebMD reveals that measuring a person’s level of drunkenness is not always an exact science. It depends on many factors. These factors influence how fast a person’s BAC rises and how long it stays elevated. The most pertinent factors include the following:

  • How much alcohol you consumed
  • How long it took you to consume it
  • Your weight
  • Your gender
  • How much you ate

Even a breath alcohol can give an erroneous reading. Sometimes authorities suggest you take a blood or urine test in an effort to determine a more accurate BAC.

A rough guide to help

An article on Global News quoting information from MADD Canada attempts to put the matter of estimating your own BAC in more understandable terms. A woman weighing between 130 to 145 pounds who consumed two standard drinks (1 oz of alcohol) in two hours would measure about .05% BAC. If she consumed one more drink in that time period, she would likely exceed .08% BAC. Men weighing between 165 and 195 pounds who drank four standard drinks would fall just under .08% BAC. One owner of a drinking establishment cautioned that not all drinks have the same amount of alcohol. He mentioned craft beers often include a higher alcohol content than traditional beers.