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A look at the consequences of prolonged drug use

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2022 | blog, Drug Crimes |

Using drugs does not have to be the reason people lose control of their lives and the relationships that matter to them. However, prolonged drug use with no effort to change habits may create long-term damage and costly consequences.

When people understand the implications of using drugs, they may have the incentive to suspend their use. With adequate support and individual determination, people with a history of drug use can turn their lives around.

Health and physical appearance

One of the most obvious consequences of drug use is the changes to a person’s physical appearance. According to a governmental resource, Just Think Twice, drugs can trigger a decline in one’s health which could have potentially fatal side effects. Many drug users spend years after sobriety recovering their physical health and appearance.

Relationships and ambitions

Drug use can also impact a person’s relationships and goals for the future. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation says that most drug-related crimes in the state require offenders to register on the Drug Offender Registry. Each entry contains information including an offender’s name, birth date, location of crime, date of conviction and conviction type. In most cases, this information remains in the database for a decade.

The repercussions of drug use may impact personal and professional relationships, hurt individual credibility and cause loss of trust. The outcome could mean a more difficult time finding a job or establishing meaningful connections.

Drug use certainly does not have to result in a costly or devastating loss of control. People who recognize their weaknesses may have a better chance of implementing crucial support so they can recover. With personal grit and the unconditional support of others who care, people can overcome addiction and live a happy and successful life.