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Distracted driving: Teach teens about the risks

While there isn't a national ban on texting and driving, there could be deadly consequences if you choose text behind the wheel. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported that, in 2015, 3,477 people were killed and around 391,000 people were hurt in crashes resulting from distracted drivers.

The risks pedestrians face in traffic

During the summer months, while warm weather persists, you might choose to enjoy the numerous benefits of doing most of your traveling outside the confines of a motor vehicle. Walking not only provides you with an excellent means of exercise, but it is also cost-efficient, and in some cases, it could even be less stressful.

5-vehicle collision leads to 3 injured including trooper

Working as a police officer is difficult work, and it's extremely dangerous at times. Crashes can take lives and lead to disabilities, but officers still go to them, hoping to help those who have been injured. On the way to a crash site, officers have to use sirens and lights to get other vehicles out of the way. They're legally allowed to move through traffic, which is supposed to stop and move out of the way.

Are those under 19 really at risk for fatal crash injuries?

You love your children, and you never want to see them get into a collision. They're growing up, and that means that driving is on the radar. You want to keep them safe, but what do you really need to know about crashes involving young children or teens?

Remember these helpful tips after getting into a crash

You just started driving, so you know that the fact that you got into a crash isn't going to look good. You also know that it wasn't your fault. You were pulling through an intersection, and the driver to your right didn't stop for the red light. You know you're in the right, but you also need to protect yourself against the unfair assumption that all teens are bad drivers.

Widow sues 18 after husband is killed in pileup crash

A widow has moved forward with a lawsuit against 18 people involved in a pileup accident in 2016 on Interstate 78. The crash, which took place on Feb. 13, 2016, was in part due to a snowstorm. In total, 64 vehicles ended up being involved, and three people were killed. Another 46 people suffered injuries.

Lawrenceburg crash leads to the deaths of 2

When drivers lose control of their vehicles or make errors, they can cause serious crashes that impact many people. Distractions are one common cause of many of the crashes that take place today. To avoid crashes, it's a good idea to focus on the roads and to avoid talking on your phone or looking away for any reason.

58-year-old man killed while riding in bike lane

Cycling is dangerous, which is why many states ask cyclists to ride in bike lanes and to do what they can to move over when traffic is behind them. That doesn't always make a difference, though, like in this case involving the death of a 58-year-old man.

Tennessee to allow driverless vehicles on public roads

If there was a way to prevent car accidents and reduce the risk of you or your loved ones getting into a crash, you'd want to take it. That's why some people are surprised that Tennessee isn't doing more to support innovation for driverless vehicles. With driverless cars getting closer to becoming a reality, it's been pointed out that Tennessee needs to make way for the new technology by allowing all types of innovation related to these vehicles.

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