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Drunk Driving Archives

Know what to do if you're pulled over for a DUI

Drunk driving can quickly result in fines and penalties that affect you now and in the future. You may find yourself struggling to maintain a job, go to school or protect your reputation. It's vital for people who make the mistake of driving after having alcohol to remember that this single situation could negatively impact them for years to come.

Defenses are important for underage drinking charges

Driving under the influence of alcohol at any age is a problem, but when you're under 21, it's a particularly negative offense. Under Tennessee's laws, you've violated the Drug Free Youth Act. This act applies to people between the ages of 13 to 17 with certain drugs and between the ages of 18 and 21 for alcohol offenses.

Drive sober or face consequences in Alabama and Tennessee

Drunk driving is a serious charge that could have a significant impact on your life if you don't take steps to avoid the consequences. In most cases, people hear about how bad it was that someone was intoxicated behind the wheel or jump to the conclusion that the driver was intoxicated because of their actions.

Tennessean man charged for fatal DUI crash

DUIs are taken seriously for a number of reasons, but the most prominent is that driving while intoxicated or impaired can lead to serious crashes that harm you or others. There are laws to prevent drunk driving because one person's bad choices are likely to affect others.

Myths can result in a drunk driving charge

Drunk driving is a danger to everyone on the roads, yourself included. However, many people end up being accused of drunk driving even though they didn't realize they had too much to drink or that they were still intoxicated. People sometimes go by myths to determine if it's safe to drive, but that can be a risk.

DUI up 60 percent on Tennessee college campuses

Universities are a popular destination for DUI incidents to occur. Most students reach the legal drinking age during college and many attend parties that offer alcoholic beverages. Since this may be your first time trying these drinks, you may not have a set plan on how to get back to your room safely or you do not know how blood-alcohol concentration works.

Memorial Day weekend safety: Get a ride home

With multiple sobriety checkpoints planned, Memorial Day weekend is not the time to be drinking and driving. Heightened law enforcement efforts aim to reduce the overall number of dangerous drivers on the roads by stopping people as they pass through checkpoints. At least one has been reported, indicating that the Tennessee Highway Patrol will have a checkpoint after nightfall on May 25. Another unit from La Vergne plans to have field sobriety tests near International Boulevard on May 26.

Can a DUI only be for alcohol?

Drugs, like cocaine and marijuana, are involved in around 18 percent of all motor vehicle collisions leading to a driver's death. Interestingly, 2014 statistics reported that 10.1 million people reported that they had been driving while under the influence of drugs in that year. That statistic only looks at illicit drugs, not the potential for prescription medications in the blood, which could also lead to impairment in some cases.

Tennessee's DUI laws are harsh on first-time offenders

Tennessee has many DUI laws that could affect your case if you're caught driving drunk, drinking in a parked vehicle or even driving with an open container in your vehicle. Tennessee's laws are harsh, because the state does not want to see drivers intoxicated on its roadways.

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