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Motorcycle Accidents Archives

Here's why motorcyclists shouldn't strap in for the ride

Motorcycle accidents happen often for a few reasons. The first is that drivers aren't always watching out for motorcyclists and may make mistakes that result in a motorcycle-vehicle crash. The second is that due to physics and the way the brain translates information, drivers may believe motorcyclists are traveling slower than they really are. The drivers don't give themselves enough time, which the results in a crash.

Semi accident injures several motorcyclists during convoy event

When riding in a convoy, the idea is that motorcyclists will stand out more to drivers. The hope is that standing out will reduce the risk of injuries and death, helping motorcyclists enjoy their time together without any serious injuries.

3 riding tips to keep you safer on your motorcycle

If you're new to your motorcycle, you may not yet be comfortable riding in all circumstances. It's good to admit that and not to drive during high-traffic times or when you're concerned that you may not be skilled enough to handle the ride. Beyond your own limitations is the risk that other drivers may not see you, which could also put you in danger.

What are soft-tissue injuries, and how long until they appear?

There are many kinds of soft-tissue injuries. Some occur immediately following an accident, while others don't appear for hours or days. For instance, if you suffer from an impact, a bruise may take time to develop, not fully developing for 24 to 48 hours. Until then, you may not notice how sore or injured you are.

Study shows intersections, slow riding to blame for crashes

Motorcycle crashes happen for various reasons, but taking the time to get to know your motorcycle and improve your riding skills can help you stay safe. What are some other things you should know, though? Are there certain areas that are more dangerous or actions that could result in a crash?

Cold tires, snow and other factors play a role in winter crashes

The winter isn't normally a great time to ride a motorcycle, and there are many good reasons for that. For example, when it's icy outside, it's harder for people to stop. Without the safety of a vehicle's body around you, you could crash and end up with serious injuries. Another issue with motorcycles is that you're exposed to the cold air much more than if you're in a car. Instead of having heat on you and being able to warm up while you drive, you could become colder the longer you ride. That puts you at risk of crashing due to cold, hypothermia and other issues.

Keeping warm keeps you safe on your motorcycle

Driving a motorcycle has the potential to be a lot of fun, but when you're riding in the winter months, that drive automatically becomes more dangerous. With the potential for cold weather to impact your ability to drive safely, you need to be sure you dress appropriately.

Why are motorcyclists in danger on the roads?

To stay safe on a motorcycle, you need to be as aware as possible. Unfortunately, you can't control every situation, and it may not be you who causes an accident. Motorists behind the wheels of four-wheeled vehicles need to be aware of the risks to motorcyclists if they don't see them or give them the space they need. Motorcyclists have the same right to be on the roads as other drivers.

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