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Tennessee motorcycle crash leaves one dead, one injured

On Behalf of | Oct 6, 2016 | Motorcycle Accidents |

Riding a motorcycle in Tennessee is always a risk. Riders don’t have 3,000 to 6,000 pounds of metal wrapped around their body with a seat belt and an airbag to hold them in place. Many riders are passionate about their bikes and riding. They accept some that risk for the added experience riding a motorcycle brings with it. The sense of connectedness to their surroundings and the road. The feel of the wind on their face and the feedback from the bike.

But all it takes is one careless driver of a car, distracted by their phone, a passenger another vehicle, who does not see a motorcycle approaching, waiting to turn left or leaving a parking lot, and it can all end horribly.

It is unclear from the news report of a motorcycle crash in Memphis exactly what happened, but what is clear is that the driver of the motorcycle is dead. His wife and passenger apparently lost her leg in addition to other injuries and the driver of the vehicle that struck them is now facing criminal charges.

She not only failed to stop after the crash and provide any assistance to the injured bikers, not even so much as calling 911, but she then took her vehicle to a neighbor’s house and then attempted to hide her damaged truck behind her home so the authorities would not discover it.

Imagine the disorientation when the deceased rider’s wife awoke to learn that her husband was dead and she had lost a leg. She will be forced to deal with insurance companies and understand settlement offers while still grieving her loss and possibly under pain medication.

Before you sign anything always obtain legal counsel to protect your interests, as insurance companies will want you to settle quickly and potentially for less than you will need to recover.