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DUI up 60 percent on Tennessee college campuses

Universities are a popular destination for DUI incidents to occur. Most students reach the legal drinking age during college and many attend parties that offer alcoholic beverages. Since this may be your first time trying these drinks, you may not have a set plan on how to get back to your room safely or you do not know how blood-alcohol concentration works.

The consequences for your lack of experience dramatically increase if you get behind the wheel. According to a recent report by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI), drunk driving arrests at colleges don't look to be slowing down any time soon. The study found a 60.9 percent increase in DUI offense in state colleges between 2016 and 2017.

Here's why motorcyclists shouldn't strap in for the ride

Motorcycle accidents happen often for a few reasons. The first is that drivers aren't always watching out for motorcyclists and may make mistakes that result in a motorcycle-vehicle crash. The second is that due to physics and the way the brain translates information, drivers may believe motorcyclists are traveling slower than they really are. The drivers don't give themselves enough time, which the results in a crash.

One thing you may question about motorcycles is why motorcyclists don't wear a seat belt. Strapping in, you'd think, would be safer than being thrown from the vehicle in a collision, right?

5-vehicle collision leads to 3 injured including trooper

Working as a police officer is difficult work, and it's extremely dangerous at times. Crashes can take lives and lead to disabilities, but officers still go to them, hoping to help those who have been injured. On the way to a crash site, officers have to use sirens and lights to get other vehicles out of the way. They're legally allowed to move through traffic, which is supposed to stop and move out of the way.

The unfortunate truth is that many drivers don't get out of the way, and they put officers at risk. Sometimes, officers on the way to help seriously hurt individuals end up getting into collisions and suffering injuries themselves. This is all typically a result of dangerous and distracted drivers who don't follow the rules of the road.

Can you get a DUI for drugged driving?

Drunk driving isn't the only thing you can get a DUI for. In fact, a DUI can also stand for drugged driving, which is something that's being seen more often in America. When people drink and use drugs, they increase their risk of being in serious crashes.

Drugged driving doesn't have to be a result of using illegal substances. Simple, over-the-counter medications can also cause impairment, which could lead to a collision. For this reason, you should always use your medications well before you need to drive, so you have time to see how they affect you.

Drunk driving and alcohol: A bad combination for truckers

No truck driver should ever be on the roads if he or she has been drinking. According to federal regulations, drivers with a commercial driver's license (CDL) may never drive with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) over .04 percent. That's half the normal limit for passenger vehicle drivers.

This limit is lowered to help drivers keep others safe. Trucks are notoriously difficult to handle, and with their increased size and weight, dangerous for others on the roads when they're in the hands of a drunk driver.

Bonnaroo Festival leads to arrests, drug bust

Festivals are a great time for everyone who attends, but there is a always a risk of drugs and alcohol making their way inside. Sometimes, officers do full sweeps aimed at arresting those who have violated the laws at these events. It's not unusual for the innocent to get caught up in those sweeps just because they're with those using drugs or alcohol.

At this year's Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival, over 226 people were cited and arrested for drug and alcohol use. The four-day music festival, which is held in Manchester, Tennessee, had more arrests this year than last. Forty-five arrests were made along with 181 citations. The majority were linked to drug and alcohol, although there were others as well.

High drivers are just as dangerous as drunk drivers

Tennessee readers know that drunk driving is a serious issue, and it is a threat to the safety and well-being of every person on the road. While drunk driving is a major concern, so are drugged drivers. You may not know that a stoned driver is just as dangerous as a driver who is drunk.

Drugged driving could become more of a problem due to a significant shift in the way people think about the recreational and medicinal use of marijuana. Many people do not think marijuana is a major drug, but it can still affect a person's cognition and physical reactions. No matter what, a drugged driver is a dangerous driver.

Should you call an attorney to a truck crash scene?

Commercial vehicle accidents happen all the time. Many occur when truck drivers don't see others in their blind spots. For instance, if you're driving alongside a semi on the highway, the driver may not notice you and attempt to enter your lane. If that happens, there may be nowhere to go, and you could end up in a serious collision.

Every commercial vehicle accident becomes a race for investigators. Immediately after calling for medical care, it's likely that the truck company's insurance agent and attorney has been contacted. On top of that, a rapid response team could be on the way. This team's entire purpose is to find evidence that can be used against the other drivers involved in the crash, so that the truck driver faces less of a threat from lawsuits.

Semi accident injures several motorcyclists during convoy event

When riding in a convoy, the idea is that motorcyclists will stand out more to drivers. The hope is that standing out will reduce the risk of injuries and death, helping motorcyclists enjoy their time together without any serious injuries.

Unfortunately, these convoys can also get into trouble together. If one person crashes, there's a high possibility of others getting into a crash as well. Take, for example, a case out of Tennessee. The Interstate 81 crash resulted in two motorcyclists being taken to the hospital and a semi catching on fire.

Memorial Day weekend safety: Get a ride home

With multiple sobriety checkpoints planned, Memorial Day weekend is not the time to be drinking and driving. Heightened law enforcement efforts aim to reduce the overall number of dangerous drivers on the roads by stopping people as they pass through checkpoints. At least one has been reported, indicating that the Tennessee Highway Patrol will have a checkpoint after nightfall on May 25. Another unit from La Vergne plans to have field sobriety tests near International Boulevard on May 26.

Offers strongly suggest that people choose not to drink and drive during this weekend or any other. What can you do if you get caught out and don't have a ride? There are a few options.

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