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What are some myths about icy roads?

There are several myths to clear up regarding the dangers of icy roads. For instance, did you know that it's not necessarily carelessness that leads to ice-related crashes? Yes, some are, but data has shown that people driving at normal speeds may lose control of their vehicles when they hit ice. It's the drivers who have no warning of ice who tend to cause crashes.

Another thing you should know is that no matter how much training you have, no one is perfectly prepared for winter driving. Yes, some people understand better ways to handle their vehicles if they lose control or need to slow down quickly, but a person's driving abilities are just one factor in a crash.

Will your vehicle be locked down due to DUI problems?

When a police officer's vehicle lights are flashing in your rearview mirror, it's often enough to make your heart rate increase and blood pressure soar. You might experience increased stress levels in certain situations, such as if the flashing lights occur not long after you had a couple cold beers with friends at a local pub. Even though you're aware that the legal blood alcohol content level for driving in Tennessee is .08, and you know you only had a couple drinks, it's still worrisome.

It's understandable you'd be nervous if a police officer starts asking questions regarding where you've been and what you've been doing, especially if he or she also asks whether you've had any alcohol to drink. If you know your rights ahead of time, you may be able to mitigate your circumstances and avoid DUI charges. On the other hand, an arrest and conviction will likely result in having to install an ignition interlock device in your car if you retain driving privileges.

Widow sues 18 after husband is killed in pileup crash

A widow has moved forward with a lawsuit against 18 people involved in a pileup accident in 2016 on Interstate 78. The crash, which took place on Feb. 13, 2016, was in part due to a snowstorm. In total, 64 vehicles ended up being involved, and three people were killed. Another 46 people suffered injuries.

The widow claims that it was the negligence and reckless behavior of the named defendants that led to the chain-reaction crash and the death of her husband. In total, 11 companies were named as defendants; they owned 11 of the vehicles involved. Six drivers face the lawsuit. The estate of one party who was killed has also been named as a defendant.

Know your rights if you're accused of drug charges in Tennessee

There are 95 counties in Tennessee, which ranks as the 16th largest state by population in the country. Since there are many people in the state and the state has connecting highways along with international airports, drugs are often a problem. Drugs come into the state through the international airports, by car, truck and bus, through the mail and by package delivery services.

Both Memphis and Nashville have international airports where drugs could enter the state. The drugs most often found in the airport include cocaine and methamphetamine, although many kinds are discovered.

Lawrenceburg crash leads to the deaths of 2

When drivers lose control of their vehicles or make errors, they can cause serious crashes that impact many people. Distractions are one common cause of many of the crashes that take place today. To avoid crashes, it's a good idea to focus on the roads and to avoid talking on your phone or looking away for any reason.

When people don't pay attention or follow the rules of the road, people are more likely to get hurt. Take for example this case. A driver who caused a crash in Lawrenceburg is now facing charges after two people were left dead. The 33-year-old driver reportedly failed to yield the right of way of an oncoming Hyundai while driving on Highway 64. As a result, the cars impacted and left the roadway, leaving both vehicles at rest.

Drunk driving: What you need to know this holiday season

The holidays have a potential to be a dangerous time of year for drivers. It's normal for families and friends to get together for a few drinks, and that opens people up to increased risks.

Increases in drunk driving have been noted for many years during the holidays. Between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day, alcohol-related crashes skyrocket higher than at any other time during the year.

Important steps to take in the aftermath of an auto accident.

You run down your lengthy to-do list in your mind as you make your way to town, ready to tackle the day. But then, all of a sudden, you find yourself staring at a quickly approaching car for what seems like an eternity. And then you hear the sound of metal crunching, you feel pain and you can't help but to think that getting into an accident was certainly not part of your to-do list.

A motor vehicle accident resulting in serious injuries can unfortunately force you to put your life on hold due to a longer-than-ideal recovery period. In some cases, these type of car accidents are the result of another driver's carelessness. In this situation, taking a few steps at the accident scene may help you to protect your best interests going forward.

Drivers taken off the roads after violating safety regulations

When you're on the road with commercial drivers, you want to know that they're safe. The problem is that not all trucking or commercial businesses take safety seriously. Some push for longer hours while others try to get through their shifts without breaks. They may not take care of the fleet, resulting in maintenance issues on the trucks.

As a driver, that may terrify you, and it should. It's important for people like you to pay attention to these drivers and to report when something doesn't seem right on the roads.

Heroin in Tennessee: The harsh penalties for opiate use

The opioid crisis in the United States has grown to major proportions, causing stress on local governments and individuals. In Tennessee, the state tries to combat the growing issue by restricting access to illegal opioid drugs. One such drug is heroin.

Possessing heroin is a crime, just as selling or distributing it is. Although some attitudes about drugs have changed, heroin is still one that people regard negatively on the whole. It has an extremely addictive nature and is easily overdosed on, especially with new formulas containing fentanyl.

Cold tires, snow and other factors play a role in winter crashes

The winter isn't normally a great time to ride a motorcycle, and there are many good reasons for that. For example, when it's icy outside, it's harder for people to stop. Without the safety of a vehicle's body around you, you could crash and end up with serious injuries. Another issue with motorcycles is that you're exposed to the cold air much more than if you're in a car. Instead of having heat on you and being able to warm up while you drive, you could become colder the longer you ride. That puts you at risk of crashing due to cold, hypothermia and other issues.

If you do decide that you want to ride in the winter, remember that slowing down is key. Drivers don't expect to see motorcyclists in the winter. They may not look for you at an intersection, so it is up to you to make yourself stand out and to give yourself enough time to stop and prevent a crash.

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