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Representing Victims Of Drunk Driver Accidents In Tennessee

No Business Behind The Wheel

No matter what the courts do to the drunken driver, the damage is done. The personal injury lawyers of Waldron, Fann & Parsley are committed to justice in the form of monetary damages to cover the physical harm, financial losses and emotional pain.

When an intoxicated driver causes serious injuries or a fatality, it is devastating for the victims and their families. We are there to help clients pick up the pieces when their lives are shattered by this avoidable tragedy.

Call for a free initial consultation at 800-215-1081 or contact us online. We can accommodate hospital and house calls.

Injury Or Death In A Drunk Driver Accident? Call Us At 800-215-1081.

Waldron, Fann & Parsley offers aggressive, determined representation. Located in Murfreesboro, but always prepared to advocate on behalf of our clients throughout Tennessee Contact us today.

Who Is Liable For Drunk Driving Accidents?

Victims are often maimed or killed because of the sudden impact — a high-speed rear-end collision or a head-on crash when the driver weaves over the highway center line. Our experienced trial lawyers recently won damages for the family of a man who died when an inebriated driver ran a red light and T-boned the innocent victim’s vehicle.

Proving the drunk driver’s responsibility is not the hard part, although we thoroughly document the negligence — but did others contribute or fail to stop it from happening? A bar or establishment that served yet more alcohol to a visibly intoxicated person can also be sued often officially under Tennessee’s dramshop law for a DUI crash. Did the bartender over-serve the person? Did the management allow a drunken patron to drive off and fail to alert police?

We pursue all sources of compensation, including the drunk driver’s insurance, the bar’s insurance, your own uninsured motorist policy and the personal assets of the drunk driver. If you were injured as the passenger of a drunk driver, we can discuss your rights as well — you may also be entitled to recovery.

Our hearts go out to drunk driving victims and families, and we work hard to win rightful compensation for them.