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FAQs About DUI In Tennessee

If you are facing a drunk driving charge, you likely have a lot of questions about what this could mean for your future. Our law firm is here to answer your questions.

Do I Need A Lawyer To Fight A DUI Charge?

While numerous individuals may think that defending themselves against a DUI charge would be an easy task, the truth is it is not. Our experienced criminal defense attorneys have a strong understanding of Tennessee DUI laws, know how the criminal court system works and know what defenses are available to you.

What Are The Potential Consequences Tied To A DUI Charge?

The potential consequences tied to a DUI charge vary in severity based on the details of the alleged crime and your criminal record. If convicted, penalties may include one or more of the following:

  • Jail time
  • Fines
  • Community service
  • License suspension or revocation

Every case is different. Waldron, Fann & Parsley, Attorneys at Law, will assist you in fighting for a case dismissal or at least seek a reduction in charges and penalties.

If Convicted, How Long Will The DUI Remain On My Record?

A DUI conviction will remain on your record forever, unless your case qualifies for an expungement — most of which do not. This is why your criminal defense matters.

My Car Was Parked When The Officer Approached Me And Ultimately Arrested Me For DUI. Is That Legal?

Unfortunately, yes. It does not matter if you were driving your car down a street or stopped in a parking lot. If you are sitting behind the wheel of your car while in an allegedly impaired state, that is enough for the state to charge you with DUI.

I Failed Or Refused Sobriety Testing. Will That Hurt My Case?

You have the right to say no if asked to submit to field sobriety or chemical testing. Failing to comply is not without its consequences, though. For example, refusing chemical testing will result in the automatic suspension of your driving privileges.

Fighting the results of a failed sobriety test is much more difficult to do than fighting any administrative penalties that may accompany test refusal. Whether you complied and failed or refused, our attorneys will examine the details of your case, question any evidence offered against you and help you fight for the best possible outcome.

Waldron, Fann & Parsley, Attorneys at Law, understand that a DUI conviction will follow you for the rest of your life. Our law firm in Murfreesboro will be diligent and aggressive in our efforts to fight to protect you in your time of need. To learn more about how our firm can assist you with your DUI case, please contact us online or at 800-215-1081 for a free consultation.