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June 2017 Archives

Pharmaceutical companies face lawsuits over opiate epidemic

When a drug dealer gives someone a drug and that person later dies, the authorities can and sometimes do pursue murder charges against that person. One question some people have is why pharmaceutical companies haven't faced charges and penalties for drug dealing themselves.

If the driver in front of you doesn't see you, you're at risk

Summer months bring many tourists and visitors to Tennessee. Full-time residents also take to the road in droves on their way to vacations. College and high-school students home on break often get summer jobs as well, which also leads to heavy traffic in certain areas. Many of these travelers choose motorcycles as their preferred vehicles. There's an existing helmet law throughout the state, so all motorcycle operators are required to wear approved crash helmets while riding.

Truck drivers must obey construction zone rules, too

Commercial drivers are behind the wheel of some of the largest vehicles that are on the roads today. They perform tasks that must be done, but many drivers are on unrealistic schedules or not taking the breaks they need. When it comes to the summer, they face many different hazards on the roads, and if they miss the signs of these hazards, they could cause collisions.

How Local Law Enforcement Prepares For Bonnaroo

Bonnaroo, a festival of music and arts-and, for some, psychedelic experimentation-begins tomorrow in Manchester, Tennessee. Attendees will have the chance to see U2, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Chance the Rapper, and The Weeknd, among other acts. They will likely also see a significant police presence.

What kinds of drug-related charges can you face in Tennessee?

Tennessee has five drug-related charges. They include possession, possession with intent, drug manufacturing, drug trafficking and conspiracy and the sale of a controlled substance. If you're charged with any of these crimes and convicted, you could be penalized with heavy fines or a prison sentence. For this reason, it's vital that you defend yourself against the charges as soon as possible.

Medical professionals are concerned about ATV accidents

Medical professionals at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center are a bit worried about the high amount of ATV (all-terrain vehicle) crashes that are happening this year. Recent reports indicate that there have already been about 50 incidents in 2017.

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