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Medical professionals are concerned about ATV accidents

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2017 | Car Accidents |

Medical professionals at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center are a bit worried about the high amount of ATV (all-terrain vehicle) crashes that are happening this year. Recent reports indicate that there have already been about 50 incidents in 2017.

That number itself isn’t terribly high until you consider that it’s not even officially summer yet. These numbers always peak in the summer, and so professionals are concerned about just how high they’re going to get if they’re already starting so high.

Medical teams have also found a number of common factors that they feel people should know about. For one thing, many of those who are hurt are passengers riding on the back of ATVs, or they are drivers who also had passengers on while riding. Not all ATVs are designed to carry two people.

As you may expect, helmet usage is the other big factor. Professionals noted that a lot of the people suffered head injuries, which may be prevented or at least reduced in severity if people had helmets on. Choosing not to wear one can increase risks dramatically.

Furthermore, adults should be careful about who they let ride. The risks can rise with kids since they lack experience and may not even have the strength or motor skills to ride safely.

Was your child hurt while using an ATV, or where you injured in an accident caused by another rider? If so, severe head injuries could leave you facing high medical bills and injuries that require years of rehab to heal — and that may never fully heal. It can be critical to understand your rights to financial compensation.

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