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Should motorcyclists try to be heard on the road?

Motorcycle riders face challenges in gaining the attention of other drivers. Some motorcyclists believe that if their bikes generate enough noise, such as through loud exhaust pipes, it will be enough to alert nearby Tennessee drivers to their presence. However, as the Huffington Post explains, a loud motorcycle is often insufficient to alert other motorists. There are a number of reasons why motorcyclists should not count on their noise to keep other drivers aware of their presence.

College life doesn't have to include a DUI, but what if it does?

If you're attending a four-year degree university in Tennessee, you'll likely encounter numerous academic and personal challenges as you work toward earning your diploma. College life can be exciting, stressful, memorable and a bit frightening at times. If it's the first time you've ever been away from home, you might feel homesick for a while, but such feelings may greatly subside once you settle into a routine and become acquainted with a new group of friends.

How a DUI conviction can wreck your employment chances

Here at Waldron Fann & Parsley, Attorneys at Law, in Tennessee, we represent many drivers accused of driving while intoxicated and/or other alcohol-related driving offenses. We therefore know how critical it becomes that you defend such charges to the best of your and your attorney’s abilities. The last thing you need is a DUI conviction on your record.

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