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October 2016 Archives

How can large truck fatalities be reduced?

The U.S. Department of Transportation has announced a goal of zero highway fatalities in 30 years. That is a lofty goal, given the fact that in the first half of this year more than 17,000 individuals died in motor vehicle crashes and that is a 10 percent increase from the same period in 2015. This is bad news considering that in 2014 we had reached a record low with highway fatalities.

Speed is often a factor in deadly crashes

They seem more common these days. A crash occurs when traffic is slowed for some other reason, such as congestion on the highways around Nashville or for road construction that is ever present. Sometimes a second crash occurs after the first crash caused traffic to backup and another vehicle crashes in that congestion.

Fall brings a different kind of deer season to Tennessee

As fall is beginning here in Middle Tennessee, and the trees are beginning to change, drivers are urged to watch for another change, that of increased deer activity. While you may think of deer in terms of cute animals in a Disney movie or something to hunt on the weekends, you should remember one other quality deer possess. They are the deadliest animal in the United States.

How to survive drug charges in Rutherford County

Getting arrested and charged for drug possession or distribution in Rutherford County is a serious issue. Police in Tennessee are aggressive about enforcing drug prohibition laws, particularly in college areas and during Bonnaroo season (early summer). Regardless of whether you are facing charges for marijuana (cannabis), heroin, or synthetic/designer drugs like Flakka or Molly, you need to be proactive about protecting your rights and your future. While some misdemeanor drug charges may be issued via a citation as opposed to an arrest, those charges still pose a serious threat to your future.

Staying safe while vehicle fatalities are on the rise

Sobering news was released last week by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration: traffic deaths across the country have risen 10.4% during the first six months of the year as compared to last year's data.

Tennessee motorcycle crash leaves one dead, one injured

Riding a motorcycle in Tennessee is always a risk. Riders don't have 3,000 to 6,000 pounds of metal wrapped around their body with a seat belt and an airbag to hold them in place. Many riders are passionate about their bikes and riding. They accept some that risk for the added experience riding a motorcycle brings with it. The sense of connectedness to their surroundings and the road. The feel of the wind on their face and the feedback from the bike.

Is less supervision for new truck drivers a good idea?

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has announced that it will allow a major trucking company to use unsupervised drivers who have completed their training for a Commercial Drivers License (CDL) but who have yet to pass their driver's test in the state that grants their license.

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