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March 2018 Archives

Tennessee DUIs: A risk for all ages

Tennessee has strict DUI laws that may vary from laws in other states. Drinking and driving is known as driving under the influence in Tennessee. This is illegal if you are caught with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08 percent or higher. The .08 percent limit is known as the per se limit, which means that it doesn't matter if you appear intoxicated or not; you'll still face a DUI.

How do drugs affect Tennessee?

Drugs are a significant problem in Tennessee. Most of the crimes that take place in the state do have some kind of link to drugs, which is why drug crimes are taken so seriously. It's believed that up to 800 methamphetamine labs are within the state's borders and causing a rapid growth in the number of people addicted to the life-changing drug.

A rear-end collision can cause serious injury

You came to a stop at an intersection, or perhaps you slowed down because traffic in front of you was stopping for construction or an accident. Whatever your reason for stopping, without warning, the car behind you did not slow down in time and slammed into the back of your vehicle. Your car lurched forward and perhaps even struck the vehicle in front of you.

Rollover crashes: Speed and attention matter

Driving on the highway next to semitrucks and trailers is always slightly frightening. The drivers are just human, and the size of the vehicle could lead to problems they can't stop. One of those issues is a cargo tank rollover accident.

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