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How do drugs affect Tennessee?

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2018 | Drug Crimes |

Drugs are a significant problem in Tennessee. Most of the crimes that take place in the state do have some kind of link to drugs, which is why drug crimes are taken so seriously. It’s believed that up to 800 methamphetamine labs are within the state’s borders and causing a rapid growth in the number of people addicted to the life-changing drug.

That’s not the only drug that causes issues in Tennessee, though. Heroin has also become prominent throughout the state. Combined with fentanyl and other drugs, it has a potential to lead to overdoses, even on the first use. Opioid abuse has become so common that the United States is in an opioid crisis.

It’s not just illicit drugs that cause concern in the state. Prescription medications have also led to some of the problems seen today. For instance, patients who are in chronic pain may receive opiates to control it. These patients may be limited in how much they can receive; when they run out and need more, it’s these individuals who could turn to heroin or other illicit opioids to get the pain relief they need.

The opioid crisis, in particular, is a danger to everyone in Tennessee. People get hooked on these drugs as a result of using them after surgery or because of needing them for chronic pain. Although they’re illegal, it does little for patients or drug abusers to be placed in prisons. It’s a better choice to send these individuals to rehabilitation, where they can get the help they truly need. If you’re accused of abusing drugs, understand that you’re not alone. There are alternatives to prison or incarceration to consider.

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