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Avoiding no-zones helps you stay safer on the roads

On Behalf of | Mar 13, 2018 | Commercial Vehicle Accidents |

Driving on the highway next to semi-trucks and 18-wheelers may make you feel unsafe. You’re not alone in that feeling, and many people wish they could drive without these large, hazardous vehicles around them.

Unfortunately, large trucks are here to stay, but you can take steps to avoid getting into a crash with one. The most important thing you can do is to stay out of the driver’s “no-zone.”

What is a no-zone?

No-zones are areas around a truck you should avoid if you want to make sure the driver can see you and won’t hit you. For example, never drive alongside a truck if you can help it. These vehicles have long blind spots on both sides, so driving there means that the driver likely can’t see you.

Another place you should avoid driving is the rear no-zone. Essentially, when you drive behind a truck, you must stay far enough back that you can see the driver’s mirrors. If you cannot see the driver’s mirrors, it’s very likely that the driver is not able to see you.

Also remember that truck drivers do not have rear-view mirrors. If there’s a time when one needs to back up, you need to get out of the way and make yourself known. A driver is unlikely to see you driving behind him or her, which could result in you getting hit.

These are a few no-zone areas you should know. Staying safe means staying out of those areas. It’s still a driver’s responsibility to avoid accidents, so if you end up in a crash, the commercial driver or company may be held accountable.