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Reasons to never discuss your drunk driving case on social media

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2023 | Drunk Driving |

Many people have a habit of sharing every aspect of their lives online. They should give pause before making posts about pending criminal matters, especially drunk driving cases.

Divulging the details on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can have severe consequences these individuals likely do not fully understand.

Legal implications

The most obvious reason for not discussing a drunk driving case on social media is that it could have negative legal repercussions. Prosecutors may use information shared online against the accused in court, potentially influencing the final verdict. In Tennessee, a first-time drunk driving conviction can result in a fine between $350 and $1,500, plus revocation of your driver’s license for an entire year.

Impact on reputation

Posting about your drunk driving case could change the way people think about you. Social media content is easily accessible by family and friends. Unfavorable perceptions are bound to persist.

Unintended consequences

It can be tempting to make unkind statements, especially when emotions are high. You may regret comments made in the heat of the moment, but the digital footprint will last. Your words today could trigger losing a job or future employment opportunity tomorrow.

Emotional impact

Discussing your drunk driving case on social media might generate a firestorm of contrary opinions that affect your mental health. Reading and commenting on such threads could become a toxic obsession that obscures anything positive. A better alternative is to seek support from those who love you in real life.

Refraining from mentioning your drunk driving case online remains a prudent choice. The potential downsides of discussing the issue online far outweigh the theoretical benefits.