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Do you have a back injury after your car accident?

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2023 | blog, Car Accidents |

Getting hit by another driver is an upsetting event. After a car accident, the last thing you want to think about is taking a trip to the hospital. Nonetheless, you could have a back injury even if you feel completely fine.

In the days to come, look out for signs of trouble. Should the indications of a spinal injury surface, seek a doctor’s opinion as soon as possible.

Assessing pain and discomfort

Be mindful of uncomfortable feelings in the lower, middle or upper back regions. Back pain varies in intensity and may present as aching, sharp or throbbing sensations that do not go away or continually return.

Observing your range of motion

If you notice a restricted ability to move, it could be a reason for worry. Difficulty bending, twisting or turning without struggle or stiffness may suggest a health concern within the spine or surrounding muscles.

Being mindful of muscle spasms

Convulsions in the back can occur after a trauma. Involuntary contractions may be a clue that there is underlying damage to muscles or ligaments. Surgery is sometimes necessary to correct the condition.

Paying attention to changes in sensation

A loss of feeling or increased sensitivity could be proof of nerve compression or tears. Going under the knife may be the only option if this is the case. Abnormal sensations should prompt a speedy medical evaluation.

Considering cognitive symptoms

Back injury difficulties can be psychological as well as physical. Individuals with chronic back pain are four times more likely to suffer from depression than those without, a correlation that is no doubt worthy of further research. Speak up if your mood changes in unusual ways. Left untreated, this situation could lead to a devastating addiction that begins with prescribed medications.

Recognizing the hints of a back injury resulting from a car accident can prompt early intervention and medical care. Although treatments are often inconvenient, such a condition is unlikely to heal without professional attention.