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Police chase ends violently in Murfreesboro

On Behalf of | Jul 14, 2017 | Car Accidents |

It’s not everyday that you hear about a long-lasting police chase that ends in a collision, but that’s what happened recently in Tennessee. While the police tried to stop the chase earlier by ceasing to follow the suspects, that didn’t prevent a multi-vehicle accident from occurring.

Two people were taken into custody following the multi-vehicle collision in Murfreesboro, according to the June 28 report. The report states that the two suspects were involved in a pursuit that spanned at least two counties before the serious crash took place at an intersection.

The two men allegedly responsible for the collision, 46 and 37, were arrested and had to be taken to the hospital for treatment. They are expected to survive the collision and will be charged in Williamson County, Tennessee, the place where the day’s events began.

How did such a major crash happen? The report shows that the chase started in Williamson and continued until the collision on Fortress Boulevard, which is close to Interstate 24. The men had allegedly stolen from a church on Columbia Pike but were discovered by the pastor when he arrived to work that day. They then stole a Penske truck and attempted to flee.

When the sheriff attempted a traffic stop, the men would not pull over. They stopped following the men at the Rutherford County line, worrying about the safety of others on the roads. It wasn’t until later that the men wrecked in Murfreesboro. They went as far as to run from their vehicle after involving at least five others in the accident.

Crashes like this are exceptions to the rule, but regardless, victims have a right to pursue compensation. Those responsible may be facing charges, but that does not hinder a victim’s right to seek a personal injury claim or insurance claim against the driver who hit him or her.

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