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Don’t roll your eyes at rollover crash safety

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2017 | blog |

During your lifetime, you may have witnessed at least one serious car accident or been involved in one yourself. This type of situation can prove frightening, and you certainly want to do your best to remain safe while on the road. In particular, you and other Tennessee residents may fear that a rollover accident could occur that leads to your suffering serious injuries.

While rollover crashes only account for a small number of serious accidents overall, they have a considerable percentage for causing fatalities. Though you may believe that SUVs and similar vehicles face the most risk of this type of incident, you may also want to understand that smaller vehicles could also rollover under certain circumstances.

What causes rollovers?

With SUVs, pickup trucks and vans, their higher center of gravity acts as a contributing factor for their potential to roll. Due to the top-heaviness of these vehicles, the manner in which you maneuver could easily put a vehicle at risk of overturning. The vehicle’s balance could shift considerably when going through curves in the road, and speed could also contribute to one of these automobiles more easily going out of control.

These vehicles and others could also face the potential for rolling if the vehicle “trips” on an obstruction. For instance, if a vehicle strikes a curb or a pothole or hits an unstable shoulder of the roadway, automobiles could easily overturn.

Can you prevent a rollover?

Though you may not have the ability to prevent yourself from ever being involved in a rollover accident, you can take steps to lessen the likelihood of such an event or at least of your suffering serious injuries in a rollover. Some of those safety precautions include:

  • Having a vehicle with the newest safety systems
  • Always wearing seat belts
  • Checking tire quality and readiness
  • Refraining from overloading your vehicle
  • Traveling at safe speeds

These precautions may allow you to feel safer on the road, but unfortunately, you cannot always account for every potential issue, especially if you are not the driver. Even as a passenger, you could potentially suffer injuries in a rollover crash.

Can you seek compensation for injuries?

If you do suffer injuries in a rollover accident due to the actions of another individual, you may have reason to pursue compensation for resulting damages. Obtaining information on personal injury claims and understanding how to take such action may help you to better understand this legal option.