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Trial delayed in case involving the deaths of 6

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2017 | Commercial Vehicle Accidents |

If you’ve lost a loved one in a truck accident, you know how important it is to see that the individual who was responsible is forced to pay for his or her actions. Sometimes, that justice comes in the form of a criminal trial, like in this case. Unfortunately, if evidence is mishandled, it can slow the resolution of the case and the justice your loved one deserves.

The second trial for a driver who was involved in a fatal accident has been postponed, according to the Sept. 19 news. The man has been accused of causing the deadly 2015 crash on I-75, but the government has stepped in to deal with an evidence dispute that is putting the case on hold.

The judge postponed the second trial for the truck driver’s case until at least Oct. 17. The evidence, which is in dispute, came back with various levels of methamphetamines in the man’s blood after the collision. The federal law that re-tested the man’s blood found a significantly different amount of methamphetamines than the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation initially reported.

The defense wants to bring an employee on the stand to discuss the second results and the disputed methamphetamine levels. The prosecution is trying to prove that the man was under the influence when he struck stopped traffic on I-75 and killed six people. The request the defense is making is complicated, since the employee may not be allowed to testify during trial. The defense stated that it intends to move to federal court if the motion to allow the employee to speak at trial is denied. The second set of records could prove that the initial blood test was flawed or unreliable.

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