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Distracted drivers put everyone at risk for serious injury

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2017 | blog |

The world sometimes seems busier than ever, and smart phones give us the power to access important information at virtually any time. While these advancements allow society to grow, flourish and become even more productive than ever before, they also put us at risk.

Distracted drivers make Tennessee roads dangerous. Even briefly taking their attention off the road can drastically increase a driver’s risk of causing a serious wreck.

Texting behind the wheel is on the rise

Data from 2016 revealed that 2.1 percent of all drivers either text or use a hand-held device while driving. Of drivers between the ages of 16 and 24, 4.5 percent text behind the wheel. In 2009, only .6 percent of drivers engaged in texting while driving, which represents a 250 percent increase in behavior over just a few years.

The likelihood of a driver using their cell phone to text while on the road seems related to age, as the percentage of those who engage in such behavior decreases as age goes up. For drivers over the age of 70, less than 1 percent text while driving.

Science agrees — cellphone use while driving is deadly

Some drivers insist that they can focus on both driving and texting, but the research indicates they are wrong. Texting or otherwise manipulating a smart phone means drivers must take their eyes off of the road, even if only briefly.

Even talking on the phone can be distracting. Several studies demonstrate that, while having a phone conversation, drivers tend to focus on the roadway directly in front of them. Although they are still maintaining their gaze to the center, they also tend to ignore things in their peripheral vision and struggle to process the view in front of them.

Injured by a distracted driver? You deserve help.

Distracted drivers put everyone in Tennessee at risk. If a driver was texting, tweeting or otherwise engaging in irresponsible cell phone behavior and injured you in an accident, there are options for recovering just legal recourse. A personal injury suit is often the most effective course of action for getting the compensation you deserve.

Insurance companies are notorious for trying to force accident victims to settle, often for less than what they deserve. Most victims find that lawyers familiar with this system can provide the most vigorous representation possible, which can help achieve compensation for recovery.