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Lawrenceburg crash leads to the deaths of 2

On Behalf of | Dec 27, 2017 | Car Accidents |

When drivers lose control of their vehicles or make errors, they can cause serious crashes that impact many people. Distractions are one common cause of many of the crashes that take place today. To avoid crashes, it’s a good idea to focus on the roads and to avoid talking on your phone or looking away for any reason.

When people don’t pay attention or follow the rules of the road, people are more likely to get hurt. Take for example this case. A driver who caused a crash in Lawrenceburg is now facing charges after two people were left dead. The 33-year-old driver reportedly failed to yield the right of way of an oncoming Hyundai while driving on Highway 64. As a result, the cars impacted and left the roadway, leaving both vehicles at rest.

Inside the Hyundai, a 52-year-old woman and 42-year-old woman were killed. The Tennessee Highway Patrol reports that the women had not been wearing seat belts at the time. The driver suffered injuries but was not killed. The 33-year-old man who caused the collision was traveling with a child. Both he and the child suffered injuries as well. He now faces charges for the deaths of the two women.

Crashes like this change lives immediately. Family members may struggle to cope with the loss, or individuals may struggle because of a loss of income or support. Families have a right to pursue a wrongful death claim if their loved ones are killed in a crash; negligence that results in death should result in penalties against the driver.

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