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As an older driver, are your kids questioning your skills?

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2018 | Firm News |

As an older Tennessee driver, you may worry that one day you will lose your ability to drive. Now, however, you still feel that your abilities remain as good as they have ever been, and you have no health or vision concerns that make you fear that you could act as a threat to others behind the wheel.

Still, you may have found yourself on more than one occasion having your adult child ask if he or she could drive instead or pick something up for you instead of having you get out on the road. While you certainly do not mind your child driving, you may worry that he or she feels concerned about your abilities. More likely, your child probably recognizes that injuries can happen more easily to older people and wants to protect you as much as possible.

Should you stay off the road?

As long as you do not have any prevailing issues that would impact your driving abilities, the need to stay off the road likely does not exist. Your bones may not retain the same amount of strength they once did, but the reality remains that anyone could suffer injuries in a car accident. Of course, if you do have concerns, you can take steps to protect yourself, including:

  • Taking a safety course: Driving school is not just for the young and inexperienced. You can explore various safe driving courses in the Murfreesboro area and sign up for one to make sure you know how to stay safe behind the wheel.
  • Limit driving time: As time goes on, you may want to start limiting how often you get out on the road and the length of time you stay out. By taking short trips in the daylight, you may have a better chance of avoiding an accident.
  • Buy a safe car: If you find yourself in need of a new vehicle, you may want to research the safest cars for older drivers. Many vehicles offer features that could help you feel more confident behind the wheel.

These suggestions represent only a few of the ways that you could help yourself stay safe on the road. Plus, if you find yourself not feeling up to driving, you could let your eager child or another loved one drive you where you need to go.

Suffering injuries in an accident

Unfortunately, even if you do your best to stay a safe driver, you may find yourself in an accident that has nothing to do with your age. Another driver could easily crash into your vehicle and cause you to suffer serious injuries. If so, you may have reason to seek compensation for those injuries through a personal injury claim.