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Don’t let deal hunting lead to unsafe driving

On Behalf of | Nov 21, 2018 | Car Accidents |

During Black Friday, Cyber Monday and other big holiday shopping days, many people here in Tennessee will be hunting for the best deals. These days, it is common for big holiday deals to be very time-sensitive. So, when it comes to days like Black Friday, a person may be tempted to be constantly glued to his or her phone to find the best prices for his or her holiday shopping.

However, there is a time it is critical for holiday shoppers to avoid this temptation. This is when they are behind the wheel.

When driving, it is crucial for drivers to avoid distractions. Distracted driving is a major cause of car crashes here in Tennessee and the rest of the United States. Doing anything on a cellphone while driving, including shopping, takes a driver’s attention away from the roads and could lead to catastrophe.

Unfortunately, a recent survey indicates that shopping while driving is pretty common. According to the survey, around a third of people here in the U.S. who shop on a mobile device have done such shopping at the wheel.

The survey’s results also point to this type of distracted driving being prevalent over the holiday season. A vast majority (83 percent) of the people who reported shopping while driving said they have engaged in this conduct during the holiday season.

Given the dangers of distracted driving, one hopes that, on Black Friday and over the holiday shopping season, drivers here in Tennessee will take steps to prevent shopping while driving. Steps that can be taken in this regard include:

  • Remembering that no deal is worth creating traffic safety risks
  • Having your phone in “do not disturb” mode when driving to prevent deal notifications from coming up when you are behind the wheel
  • Putting away your phone prior to driving
  • Having your passengers remind you not to use your phone while driving

Legal options for compensation can be available to people harmed by drivers who failed to avoid distractions at the wheel.