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The right clothing can make you safer on a motorcycle

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2019 | Motorcycle Accidents |

Of all the different ways to increase safety while riding on a motorcycle, from checking your motorcycle brakes to taking bike riding courses, the idea that the clothes you wear can make you safer might seem out of the ordinary. Yet the wrong set of clothes could make your motorcycle ride more hazardous or even deadly. There are a number of reasons why you as a Tennessee motorcyclist should watch what you wear.

Consumer Reports cautions that wearing loose, non weather resistance clothing like a T-shirt, jeans and sandals can end up causing disaster for you on your bike. These garments do little to protect you from a wind chill or debris that may fly your way on the wind. You can also be exposed to bugs, which is not something many motorists notice on the road since they ride in sheltered vehicles. Yet if insects hit you in an exposed area at a high speed, they can hurt and possibly distract you as you are riding.

Vehicular accidents also present great danger to motorcycle riders who do not wear the right protective gear. If you slide out on the road, you can pick up a great deal of painful road rash if you wear loose garments. And if you do not have a helmet on, you face increased risk of head trauma or death if you are thrown from your bike or hit an obstacle.

So instead of loose or light clothing, motorcyclists should look for solid clothing that can take some punishment. These include full pants and footwear that goes over the ankle, along with a leather jacket, or at least a jacket that is reinforced in some fashion. If you are concerned about ventilation in warm air, consider a jacket with a mesh substance that allows for both protection and air flow.

Your clothes also add to your visibility. ThoughtCo explains that motorcycle riders count for a lot in making a motorcycle visible on the road. If the rider wears dark clothing, it will be hard for other motorists to make out the motorcycle. That is why it is smart move to wear light colored clothing or clothes that have reflective surfaces. Reflective clothing will be a big asset while driving at night.

Even if it seems a bit of a hassle to choose more protective clothing, the results can save your life if the worst should come to pass. Good riding gear will better insulate you and make your motorcycle more visible to motorists, which can help prevent crippling or deadly road accidents.