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Fatigue and accidents during rush hour

On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2019 | Car Accidents |

There are a lot of factors that can increase the probability of accidents occurring in particular areas at certain times. For example, the winter months can be dangerous in northern states which often see a lot of snow and ice. In many places, roads can become hectic during rush hour. To make things worse, many people who are behind the wheel during this time of the day are struggling with sleep deprivation and high levels of fatigue due to a demanding day at work. This can be a deadly combination, and far too many accidents have occurred as a result of fatigue and rush hour traffic.

For starters, rush hour can be hectic, and many drivers may be in a hurry to get home or avoid traffic jams. Drivers may also become very irritated and aggressive, especially if they are tired. Even drivers who are relatively calm may be too tired to focus on the road properly, which could cause them to collide with another vehicle or even fall asleep behind the wheel. This has led to many injuries and lost lives over the years, and this problem will continue to shatter lives in the coming months.

During rush hour, it is imperative to watch out for hazards, and drivers should never get behind the wheel if they are fatigued. However, some people struggle with fatigue on a daily basis, and this can be very difficult. If you were hit by a driver during rush hour, you should take a look at which options you may have as you try to piece your life back together.