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Driver fleeing shooting causes severe crash in local intersection

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2020 | Car Accidents |

As the weather cools and rain becomes more common, you may hear about more crashes in Murfreesboro. Sometimes, it’s distractions combined with darkness at night that makes it harder for drivers to make good decisions behind the wheel. Other times, it’s a shooting that pulls traffic to a stop.

In Nashville, the police are investigating a shooting that took place and left one person in critical condition. The shooting was reported a little before 10:00 a.m., according to the authorities. One man, 45, said that he heard the gunfire and began to drive with his head down. There were six passengers in the vehicle, including three who were children. One passenger, 24, suffered a gunshot wound to his arm.

The distraction of the situation led to the driver reaching Lafayette Street and 4th Avenue South’s intersection. He then ran a red light and collided with a 22-year-old driver. That driver was left in critical condition.

The driver was also taken to the hospital for nonlife-threatening injuries, as were the other adults in the vehicle. The three children had not been in safety seats and were taken to the hospital to be evaluated.

This situation is certainly unusual, and there are many factors to consider when determining fault. If you are a victim of a crash caused by another driver, you should be able to hold them accountable for the cost of your medical care, lost wages and other financial losses that you suffer. In cases like this one, there may be more than one party that you can hold accountable.