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What is wound debridement?

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2021 | Car Accidents |

Riding the roads on your motorcycle can be a thrilling experience, but as you are aware, there is also the potential for a serious or deadly injury if an irresponsible driver hits you. The impact could throw you off your bike and impact you against the solid pavement. This may result in an injury that requires wound debridement.

Wound debridement is a medical treatment that some motorcycle riders undergo because of an accident. To understand debridement, it may help to learn about road rash first.

Road rash and motorcycle injuries

In the event another vehicle flings you off your bike, your skin may scrape against concrete or another hard surface. The abrasive contact could tear your skin and cause a road rash. Road rashes vary in severity. Some heal within a few weeks. It is when they do not heal that you may have a serious problem.

A serious road rash can lodge foreign debris into your skin such as glass, metal or dirt. This debris may remain in your body and prevent healing. Your wound may contract an infection. If the wound is serious enough, some of your skin tissue may die, becoming necrotic. All of these factors could impair your wound’s ability to heal and possibly lead to worse health problems.

How wound debridement works

According to Healthline, wound debridement is when doctors remove infected and/or dead tissue from the wound as well as foreign objects stuck in your body. Debridement may involve medication or surgery or a combination of different methods. Doctors will choose methods of debridement based upon factors including the severity of the wound, the age of the patient and the risk for health complications.

The goal of debridement is to remove anything that keeps your wounds from healing and prevent further health complications. If successful, wound debridement can instigate healing and diminish the chances of scarring. This may become an important option if you suffer a serious motorcycle injury.