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3 things to know about premises liability

On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2022 | blog, Injuries |

Premises liability refers to the legal concept of property owners being responsible for the safety of their house and land. The idea behind this is to reduce the chances that a visitor to the property sustains an injury due to the owner’s negligence and to hold the owner accountable if an unfortunate incident occurs.

Here are three things to know about premises liability in Tennessee.

1. Premises liability differs from personal liability

Most people are familiar with the idea of personal liability, which states that an individual may be liable for actions that cause harm to others. For example, someone who drives intoxicated and hits a pedestrian crossing at a signal is personally liable for causing that injury. Meanwhile, premises liability covers injuries and fatalities stemming from hazardous conditions that are not necessarily a direct result of someone’s actions.

2. Homeowners can help prevent a lawsuit

While nobody can avoid all accidents, property owners can take steps to help prevent the likelihood that someone becomes injured on their property and files a premises liability lawsuit. Some steps to take include covering swimming pools when not in use, fixing degraded staircases and shoveling walkways in winter.

3. Premises liability can apply to personal and commercial property

Business owners, as well as homeowners, need to be aware of premises liability and how it affects customers. Commercial property owners can take some of the same steps as homeowners to help prevent a lawsuit.

Being aware of premises liability helps property owners prevent injuries and potential lawsuits due to property negligence.