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Widow sues 18 after husband is killed in pileup crash

On Behalf of | Jan 12, 2018 | Car Accidents |

A widow has moved forward with a lawsuit against 18 people involved in a pileup accident in 2016 on Interstate 78. The crash, which took place on Feb. 13, 2016, was in part due to a snowstorm. In total, 64 vehicles ended up being involved, and three people were killed. Another 46 people suffered injuries.

The widow claims that it was the negligence and reckless behavior of the named defendants that led to the chain-reaction crash and the death of her husband. In total, 11 companies were named as defendants; they owned 11 of the vehicles involved. Six drivers face the lawsuit. The estate of one party who was killed has also been named as a defendant.

The woman is seeking costs associated with the funeral and death of her husband. She also would like to obtain future earnings and support for her losses as well as the losses of her two sons.

What caused the accident?

After taking time to review the scene, it’s believed that a man driving a 2015 Ford Focus heading west tried to merge into the left lane from the right. A man driving a Freightliner attempted to slow down but was unable to do so before he struck the Focus. A driver who witnessed the accident who was driving a FedEx vehicle stopped in the right lane, causing both sides to be blocked off. After that, another tractor-trailer driver struck the stopped vehicles. He’d been on his phone at the time. This set off a chain-reaction that led to others getting hurt or ending up fatally wounded.

This kind of crash doesn’t have to happen. Being cautious, especially in poor weather, helps avoid them. If you’re hurt, remember that you can pursue a claim. If you lose a love one, you’re entitled to as well.

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