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How can I share the road safely with commercial vehicles?

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2018 | Commercial Vehicle Accidents |

As a motorist in Tennessee, you must take every precaution to maintain the safety of yourself and other drivers. This is especially important when sharing the road with large commercial vehicles, such as trucks or buses. The Federal Motor Carrier Association offers the following tips in this case, which can keep you and other drivers safe and secure.

All vehicles have blind spots. With large trucks, all four sides of the vehicle have areas that cannot be seen from the driver’s rear-view mirrors alone. That means if you stray into one of the areas you run the risk of an accident, which can be deadly. You can determine whether you’re driving in a blind spot by looking at the truck’s side-view mirror. If you can’t see him, he can’t see you.

You also want to maintain a safe distance. Which it’s important to keep your distance between all vehicles, with commercial trucks you should increase the distance in case the truck stops suddenly. Also, be cautious when following behind a truck on a large hill, especially at a stop light. Trucks often roll back before taking off again, which could lead to a collision.

You should also treat all drivers respectfully. Aggressive driving can lead to an incident, and also puts everyone who shares the road in jeopardy. Remember that it takes longer to make certain maneuvers with large trucks, which can seem frustrating to other drivers. Be patient and allow trucks and buses to maneuver safely, whether turning or merging into your lane. Also, never cut in front of a large vehicle, as it takes longer for trucks and buses to brake than it does for a passenger vehicle.