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Did a college party you attended lead to a DUI?

On Behalf of | Jan 23, 2020 | Firm News |

Perhaps, you’re one of many young adults currently enrolled at a Tennessee college or university. Whether you are nearing your expected graduation date or still have a way to go to earn your degree, you’ve no doubt encountered, and have had to overcome and rise above, various challenges regarding academics, social life and other aspects of your college career.

If you’re age 21 or older, you might enjoy having a drink or two with friends in your free time. There isn’t necessarily anything wrong with that, provided that you are not living on a dry campus, in which case, breaking school rules could land you in a heap of trouble. It’s no secret that binge drinking is problematic at many colleges and often leads to legal problems, such as DUI arrests.

Do you drink to relax?

If you and your friends were to discuss your personal reasons for drinking, you might be able to relate to those who say it helps them relax. Studying for finals, keeping up with class assignments, playing sports and many other college life activities can become stressful. Students often say they drink because it helps them loosen up and take their minds off their work.

Social acceptance is important in college

You might remember what it was like in high school to want to fit in with a particular social network. Since you’ve been in college, you might have come to realize that peer pressure and a desire for acceptance among one’s peer group is present among your current age group as well. In fact, when asked, many college students say they drink because it helps them make friends and fit in with others.

Potential problems can arise

Does drinking help you lower your inhibitions? If so, you are not alone because many college students say alcohol has this effect on them. There is no doubt sometimes a risk involved with becoming too uninhibited, however, as made evident by the many college students who wind up in dangerous situations or facing legal problems after consuming a lot of alcohol.

Where to seek support

Maybe you feel as though your drinking habits have gotten out of hand in college. The good news is that most campuses have outreach programs available to help students who are struggling with alcohol addiction. If “getting out of hand” includes an arrest for suspected DUI, it can have an adverse effect on your class standing at school.

It might also cause family problems, especially if you have to call home and tell your parents that you are in jail. Finally, having to attend court meetings can negatively affect not only your school work or sports, but your job and many other aspects of your life as well. This is why most people charged with DUI request immediate legal representation to help minimize the possible negative effects of their situations.