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What are the three areas of driver focus?

On Behalf of | May 28, 2020 | Car Accidents |

Tennessee residents understand that certain driving behaviors pose a higher risk than others. For example, distracted driving increases your chance of getting into a crash. But do you know what causes distracted driving? Do you know why it is so risky?

Today we will look at the answers to those questions. We will examine dangerous driving behavior. In particular, we will focus on distracted driving and why it poses a risk to drivers.

Main areas of driver focus

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has much information on safe driving. They discuss distracted driving in detail, pointing out what makes it so dangerous. First, they point out that there are three main areas of driver focus. This includes cognitive, visual and physical focus. In order for a driver to engage in safe driving, you need all three of these areas.

This is why distracted driving poses such a risk. It distracts you from one or even all three areas of focus. For example, let us look at texting while driving. You are looking at your phone and typing. You are likely focusing on the conversation you are having. What does this mean? It is a distraction for all three areas of driver focus. Your eyes are not on the road. Your hands are not on the wheel. Your mind is not on the task at hand.

What is a driver distraction?

Anything that distracts you is a driver distraction. This includes some things that may surprise some, such as changing the radio station. Even having conversations with your passengers is a distraction. It takes your mind off of driving and sometimes causes you to look away from the road.

Understanding just how many things are distractions may help drivers combat distracted driving. Being aware of distraction often paves the way for safer driving habits.