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Authorities cite speed as cause of Murfreesboro crash

On Behalf of | Nov 20, 2020 | Car Accidents |

Most people in Tennessee likely understand that there is always an inherent risk of experiencing a car accident when they choose to drive on the state’s roads and highways. Yet most assume this risk without much thought due to the collective assumption that most drivers place as much emphasis on accident avoidance as they do. 

In most cases, this assumption proves true. Yet there are those rare cases where people purposely engage in reckless and negligent driving behaviors (thus putting both themselves and others on the road at risk). Sadly, the net effect of those actions often impacts many others outside of their practitioners. 

Multi-car crash in Antioch kills one, injures others

A recent accident that occurred on the Murfreesboro Pike near Antioch illustrates this point. Per the local ABC outlet, a vehicle traveling along the Pike suddenly lost control at a sharp curve, sliding into oncoming traffic and eventually striking three other vehicles. Several of the occupants of those vehicles required medical treatment at local hospitals. The driver of the car that caused the accident died in the collision. Authorities believe that his decision to drive well in excess of the speed limit was the ultimate cause of the accident. 

Compensation for reckless action

In cases such as this, some may question why one would even go to the trouble to initiate legal action given that the person responsible for an accident died in it. Their deaths, however, do not change the fact that accident victims may still need compensation to cover their accident expenses. Those victims may have little choice but to seek such compensation from the responsible party’s estate. Earning such compensation may have a greater chance of success if one has strong legal resources to rely on.