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One killed, another injured in Knoxville collision

On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2021 | Car Accidents |

For most of those people in Tennessee that experience a car accident, seeking legal action is rarely the first thing that comes to their minds. Rather, they only begin to consider the prospect after realizing that the expenses they face due to their injuries (along with the damage done to their vehicles or property) may be more than what insurance coverage will pay for. 

While most realize that few car accidents are intentional, it does not change the fact that they need financial assistance. Securing such assistance can be difficult depending on the circumstances of one’s accident. 

Alcoa Highway collision produces fatal results

In many cases, assigning liability for car accidents can be a complex process. In others, however, it may seem fairly cut-and-dry. Law enforcement authorities hope to make that determination following a recent collision in Knoxville. According to the local ABC News affiliate, witnesses say that a sedan pulled out onto Alcoa Highway directly into the path of an oncoming SUV. The vehicles collided, with the driver of the sedan subsequently dying from injuries sustained in the collision. Reports indicate that the driver of the SUV also suffered serious injuries. 

Compensation following a fatal accident

One might look at a case like this (where a party potentially responsible for an accident dies in it) and think that the matter of a liability claim is a moot point. Yet those seeking compensation for their accident expenses may still be able to file claims against a decedent’s estate (essentially becoming creditors to the estate). This presents a number of complexities, however, and these may prove difficult for one unfamiliar with civil liability procedures to comprehend. Thus, having a reliable source of legal assistance during this process may prove beneficial.