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How do you save money on car insurance after a DUI?

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2021 | Drunk Driving |

After Tennessee law enforcement arrested you for drunk driving, you have a lot of additional expenses to budget for. You expect your car insurance company to increase your rates, and you want to get ahead of the inevitable.

Car and Driver offer tips for reducing insurance premiums after getting a DUI. Rather than wait until you regain your driving privileges and your policy renews, take the proactive path.

Widen your perspective

While you wait for your insurance provider to find out about your DUI, do some digging to see what other factors increase your insurance premiums. For instance, maybe your age, geographic location and your car make and model boost your premiums. Ask about what discounts you qualify for, such as a loyal customer discount.

Browse around

Have you considered changing car insurance providers before your DUI? Shop around to see if you can get the same policy for a reduced price. While browsing, focus on insurance providers willing to work with drivers with DUIs. Even if you have not thought about changing providers, you may have no choice but to if your current company drops you when they learn of your DUI.

Increase your deductible

Increasing your deductible usually helps reduce your premiums no matter what your driving record looks like. To ensure you always have the deductible when you need it, but the money in a savings account. That way, you need not worry about gathering the money if you ever file a claim.

Getting a DUI may send shock waves through your financial health. Prepare yourself and your financial health for the worst with the right money-saving tips.