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What are recovery courts?

On Behalf of | Oct 20, 2022 | Drug Crimes |

In most states, the judicial system has developed a special court for low-level drug crimes. These drug courts help to provide treatment and rehabilitation over punishment for first-time offenders.

In Tennessee, drug courts are called recovery courts and are part of a range of specialized courts developed for certain offenders or offenses. They all operate similarly to help people avoid jail time and a criminal record through treatment and care.


If you go to recovery court for your drug charge, you will get a list of tasks you must complete to pass the court. These tasks generally include treatment requirements, supervision, testing, community service and other services you must complete. If you meet all the requirements set by the court, the judge will drop your charges, and you avoid punishment.


Recovery court can be incredibly beneficial for you and for the judicial system. It allows you to avoid a criminal record while also getting help for a possible drug abuse addiction. It could change your life and make a fundamental difference moving forward.

For the judicial system, it saves money. It keeps low-level offenders from overcrowding jails, and it frees up other courts to handle more serious criminal actions.

It also is a benefit for society because it addresses underlying issues that cause people to get into legal trouble. It takes control of providing much-needed services to people in need and helps them to become more productive members of society.

Recovery court is a wonderful option. If you get this choice, you should consider taking advantage of it.