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A truck-car crash will prompt an intensive site investigation

On Behalf of | Dec 16, 2022 | Car Accidents, Commercial Vehicle Accidents |

In a crash between a large commercial truck and a passenger car, the occupants of the smaller vehicle usually suffer the most severe injuries.

The legal team working on behalf of an injured victim will launch a thorough site investigation, possibly with the help of accident reconstructionists.

Investigating the crash site

A legal team may call upon professional accident reconstructionists to undertake a crash scene investigation to help determine the cause of the accident. These professionals will go to work promptly since weather conditions and passing traffic can cause valuable pieces of evidence to disappear.

Gathering evidence

Scene investigation allows professionals to gather post-crash evidence that might include:

  • Tire tracks and skid marks
  • Damage to stationary objects such as telephone poles and guardrails
  • Gouges in the pavement or dirt
  • Fluid stains from engine oil, brake fluid, transmission fluid and blood
  • Debris from damaged vehicle parts
  • Broken glass from windows and windshields

Using surveying equipment, reconstructionists will also take measurements to prepare a diagram showing the location of evidence. The diagram will indicate the points of impact between the vehicles and their final resting positions. The professionals may also photograph and videotape the evidence left at the crash scene.

Assigning liability

There are three areas of potential liability in a truck-related crash: trucking violations, driver carelessness or a trucking company’s negligence in hiring drivers. Truck-car collisions are complex and multiple parties may share liability. An injured victim might therefore receive compensation from multiple sources to cover current and future medical expenses, loss of earning power, if applicable, and more.